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 The Travel Specialists

We are a small, specialist tour operator, based in Ampthill, that tailor-makes luxury travel itineraries to the countries of Latin America and Africa:

The South America Travel Specialists - The company is a culmination of more than ten years of visiting such locations as the mighty Iguazu falls, the mystical ruins of Machu Picchu, and the wilds of the Pantanal to name but a few. With Latin America being so vast, it has not been an easy task…but we hope that this and our sister sites should give you a good starting point on putting together your South America itinerary.

The Tanzania Specialists - are Tanzania luxury safari and destination experts, drawing on years of experience to help you design your ultimate luxury safari to Tanzania. In the course of the best part of a decade, we have endeavoured to visit every hotel, eat at every restaurant, safari in every region and swim in every body of water in Tanzania, in the name of research! We are experts at tailoring luxury Tanzania safaris to our clients, rather than the other way round

The Tanzania Specialists