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Home baked cakes free from food allergens and shopping

bakeit freefrom is an online business based in Ampthill that sells allergen free home baking cake kits. Our kits contain none of the EU listed food allergens such as wheat, dairy, eggs, peanuts, sulphates, etc. This makes them gluten free, so they are suitable for people who have coeliac disease. They are also suitable for vegans/vegetarians or anyone who has peanut and other common food allergies. 

We aim to  make life as hassle free as possible for our customers and so include all the fresh and packaged ingredients needed to make the chosen cake as well as things like skewers to test the cake is cooked and silicone cake tin liners.

Our cake kits are great for family and friend occasions, enabling customers to easily produce a fresh, delicious, safe cake. They also make great gifts, and we can handwrite your message onto one of our cards free of charge. Easy!

If you live locally we can probably arrange for you to collect and so save you postage costs, just call us before ordering online.

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